A repost from September 11, 2002. Never forget. Ever.

I remember sitting at my desk the morning of September 11, 2001. It was such a nice day. Clear autumn skies, the sun shining brightly through the windows. I had been at work for about a half an hour when the customer calls suddenly stopped. Not a single call coming in. Me and my co-workers were perplexed. Sure, there had been ‘pockets’ of one or two minutes here and there when the calls were idle. But now it had been nearly five minutes. It was truly weird to sit in a room with some 50 other people and not one of them was on the phone (I worked for one of the Baby Bells).

Against company policy I checked the internet. What I found was more horrifying than I could have imagined.

Why on earth would someone fly a plane into the World Trade Center? Was it an accident? Surely it was I thought.

The motive and/or cause had not yet been determined.

Sometime after 9AM I called my friend John that lives in Greenwich Village. He worked just a couple of blocks from the World Trade Center. His place of employment had sent everyone home. Sadly, John told me he saw people jumping from the towers in a desperate attempt to survive.

I wished him well, went to the restroom and got sick…

Christopher M. Colastani

Christopher grew up in South Orange, N.J. and met Kelly, his wife, in high school. They went to the prom together. He graduated from Dartmouth and became a trader at Cantor Fitzgerald. The young family lived in Hoboken. The night before the attack, Mr. Colasanti gave their girls, Cara and Lauren, their baths as he did every night. Then he showed Cara his baseball card collection.

He gave himself the tongue-in-cheek nickname “The Dominant Force” — or “Dom” for short — in the seventh grade, and it stuck with him into adulthood because it was so contrary to everything he was.

On Sept. 11, 2001 Christopher kissed his wife, Kelly, and children, Cara, 4, and Lauren, 1, before catching an early train to arrive by 7:30 a.m. at work as a bond trader on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

His plan was to get to work early so he could return home early to his family in Hoboken…

Christopher was also at the World Trade Center in 1993 when a truck bomb exploded, killing six people.

God bless Christopher Colasanti and his family. God bless all that lost their lives that day.

Never forget. Ever.

A huge thanks goes out to Dale Roe for help keeping us connected…

“We’ll be a strong family, the three of us,” Kelly said.
“We have to live this way because he was so great. We can’t let it not be great here because it was so great.”

Christopher loved playing golf, even though he was lousy at it. He rooted for sports teams that were mostly terrible, like the Nets and Jets, just so he could pull for an underdog.

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